Braun's business partner says he will continue to support him

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Omar Shaikh of the SURG Restaurant Group is Ryan Braun's business partner -- and his friend. He told FOX6 News he will stand by Braun as he faces a potential suspension due to his interaction with a clinic accused of providing PEDs.

"He is one of the most honest, highest character guys I've ever met in my life. He's a great guy, great person," Shaikh said.

The two own Ryan Braun's Graffito in the Third Ward, 8-twelve in Brookfield and another 8-twelve that will soon open at Bayshore Town Center.

Having stood by Braun's side before, Shaikh says his possible suspension wasn't really a surprise.

"I wasn't really shocked because we've been through this a couple times. It just seems like it's the same story with a different spin this time," Shaikh said.

Shaikh spoke with Braun after the news broke on Tuesday, June 4th.

"He's feeling just fine about things because he knows the truth. He knows he's innocent and his story hasn't changed," Shaikh said.

As for any negative effect on business, Shaikh says he's not concerned.

"If we keep doing what we're doing and staying focused on being good people and giving back to the community and taking care of people like we all do, we'll be fine. I hope the fans just continue to support him, just like we're supporting him," Shaikh said.