Artist creates Miller Park using names of every Brewers player in history

A Philadelphia artist has created Miller Park using the names of every Milwaukee Brewers player in history. 

Dan Duffy

"We have 28 for Prince Fielder, 4 for Molitor, Christian Yelich, 19 for Yount, 8 for Braun," said Dan Duffy, artist. "It’s pretty tedious. There’s no doubt about it."

Three out of nine names are handwritten to form Miller Park Stadium. 

"It was the 50th anniversary. It’s such a great town, and I hadn’t done any pieces for Milwaukee," said Duffy. 

Duffy calls his work a "labor of love" -- spending almost 150 hours writing down Brewers history. 

"I took the official roster of every team, so the first guy I got here is Jack Aker from 1969. Every person on the official roster chronically. I start with the beginning, then work my way across, and then the most recent players are down here at the bottom right," said Duffy. 

Duffy hopes his work brings generations together. 

"I think to have multiple generations of families kind of gather around a piece of art and search for their favorite player, search for the name. Once you find the name, then the education's gonna start. Let me tell you about Robin Yount," said Duffy.

A portion of the sales goes to the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund -- a cause supported by the Brewers. 

"Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, definitely a great cause. We did some research and we were happy to work with them to raise money," said Duffy. 

With the holidays fast approaching -- Duffy wanted to give the people of Milwaukee a unique gift. 

"Gift-giving for sports fans is hard, and coming up with a unique gift is a challenge, but I did that for the people of Milwaukee," said Duffy. 

If you'd like to purchase this piece of art, CLICK HERE for more details.