Artist builds miniature model of Miller Park

MILWAUKEE -- A tiny collector's item is making a big impact in Milwaukee. An artist built a miniature model of Miller Park -- made for ants!

Baseball fans were able to enter a raffle to win the tiny replica with money going toward the MACC Fund.

The mini Miller Park is equipped with lights, panels that open and close, and even the Bernie Brewer slide!


Architecture student David Resnik created the piece. He's done similar projects for stadiums in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Read the biography from Resnik's website:

Stadiums aren't just a place to see athletes compete.  They are modern-day cathedrals.  A second home to both player and fan.  A place communities gather to laugh, cheer, and cry as one. They house the memories of generations and pass those moments along from father to son, mother to daughter.

I've been a ballpark enthusiast as long as I can remember, and now I am trying to go pro with my passion and hobby.

This archive of my work is meant to showcase the steps I've taken to improve and perfect my craft, as well as collate images of my collection for everyone to see.  I hope you enjoy it.

More than $5,000 was raised and on Thursday night, July 25 before the mini park finally found a new home.