Elevating the Customer Care Experience


This content is from our sponsor. The FOX editorial team was not involved with the creation of this content.

Featuring Jennifer Quadracci, Vice President of Customer Experience with Network Health

There’s a common misconception that health insurance companies are only after your money. While this may be true for some companies, Network Health places a premium on caring for our members. 

The steps we’ve taken to provide better customer care aren’t the norm in our industry. It’s our belief that superior health care starts with creating meaningful connections. Here are a few ways we’re elevating the customer care experience.

• We engage with our members – We always take the time – however long it takes – to address member concerns and questions. We’ll walk them through whatever they need – everything from reviewing a claim to finding a provider to setting up a member portal. We know health insurance is often confusing. People can count on us to help. 

• We provide personalized care – When our members contact us, we know basic info about their health situation. For example, if a member is a diabetic, we might remind him or her to get a foot exam or eye checkup. If they don’t have a provider, we can help them find one. This helps our members get the care they need to stay healthier and happier so they’re able to experience more in life.

• We find solutions – The last thing we want to do is leave our members hanging. This means we do everything we can to solve a member’s problem in the initial call. We also follow up with our members. Instead of making them call us back for an update, we contact them to close the loop. 

• We connect our members – One of the ways we help build up our communities is by connecting people. For example, earlier this year we put the spotlight on our commercial members. It was our way of connecting our members with local businesses.  

• We’re local – We pride ourselves on knowing Wisconsin and we’re woven into the communities we serve. It’s just how we do business. For example, we have a booth at the Appleton Farmer’s Market where people can stop by to chat, ask questions or register for one of our flu shot clinics. 

We strive to treat our members the way we would want to be treated. We understand people might be confused or scared so we’re here to help them and provide the answers they need. We’re small and don’t have offices all over the country. But we’re here, in your hometown, and that’s what allows us to provide exceptional customer care. Learn more about us at networkhealth.com


This content is from our sponsor. The FOX editorial team was not involved with the creation of this content.