"Talked to him a few times:" Olivia Munn's 'Christmas Office Party' co-stars dish on Aaron Rodgers

"Office Christmas Party," starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, TJ Miller, Kate McKinnon, Olivia Munn and others hits theaters Friday, December 9th. Things get a little out of hand when a group of co-workers decide to throw an office Christmas party.

Munn's fellow cast and crew had some things to say about Aaron Rodgers when they spoke with FOX6's Gino Salomone.

Gino: "I'm from Milwaukee. The Green Bay Packers -- any talk of getting Aaron Rodgers?"

"We did actually, yeah. Olivia, we always wanted that character to be dating an athlete because what would be the thing that would really turn Jason Bateman to envy? What would he not be able to compete with? And there's no way you could compete with a professional athlete. We just thought in the end, it would be too distracting for everybody if it was Aaron. But we're huge Aaron fans -- so we shifted it from the NFL to the NBA and that's what brought us Jimmy Butler," Josh Gordon and Will Speck said.

And Jason Bateman got to work closely with Munn. Did he get to hang out with her and Rodgers at all?

Gino: "I'm from Milwaukee -- of course -- Green Bay Packers. Did you meet Aaron Rodgers?"

"No, but I talked to him a few times via FaceTime because Olivia is very diligent about staying connected to her loved one -- so oftentimes we're sitting this close, you know, waiting for a scene to start and she turns the phone over and he consistently was lying on a bed in some comfortable sweats, eating something salty and fattening because he doesn't care. He's a Greek god -- and just enjoying life. You know, I'd like to come back as Aaron Rodgers. That would be great."