Take action: Some symptoms you are suffering from 'yes, but syndrome'

MILWAUKEE -- Have you heard of "YBS"? It's Yes, but syndrome. Registered dietitian Lisa Grudzielanek with Metcalfe’s Market joins Real Milwaukee with a solution for all your excuses.

Low and behold we begin to engage in positive lifestyle changes such as eating better, exercising, and proper sleep. Just when you were about to get started, it happens. YBS sets in. This 'condition' often develops when one attempts to enter or re-enter into behavior changes.

Yeah But Syndrome, or 'YBS'. Is often paralyzing and prevents those afflicted from moving into action, instead remaining in a state of inertia.

There are many symptoms of YBS but the following are some of the most common.

    We can all come up with a million yeah buts, in other words, excuses.

    The good news is the treatment for YBS is simple--just do it! Take action.

    The reality of today's 24-7 planet is there will always be something.

    The difference to make the difference is to learn to dance in the rain, not wait for the rain to pass.

    When will all the stars align so that your world will be 'just right' to start? If not NOW, WHEN will you begin?

    The keyword here is to begin.

    Start to focus on what you can do in the midst of your existing life demands.