Hairdos that dazzle: Some looks suitable for the holiday season

MILWAUKEE -- We like to dress up for the holidays -- but often overlook our hair. Scott Yance with Scottfree Salon joins Real Milwaukee with some simple, yet stunning styles that are fittingly festive.

Short hair style:
Finger Waves: Curl hair in same direction. Use a pomade for shine. Brush out with bristle-type brush.

Medium hair style:
Halo Braid: add any type of fun holiday effects like mistletoe, baby`s breath, jewelry, ect. Create a high ponytail, then braid it. Wrap it around the head at desired height. Pin in and add effects.

Long hair style:
A modern wave with one side swept back: using bob pins as a fashion accent. Use a wand to create the wave, then flip to the desired side and add product for help.