Creeping, crawling, flying, and fantastic: The Creepy Crawly Zoo is a brilliantly designed, educational show

MILWAUKEE -- They're creepy, crawly -- but also totally cool! And now you and the entire family can check out just how cool bugs are at Discovery World. Tony "The Bug Whisperer" Gustin joins Real Milwaukee with a preview of his all new monthly show.

Creeping, crawling, flying, and fantastic! Join Tony “The Bug Whisperer” and his Creepy-Crawly Zoo show just how cool the world of entomology really is. This show is perfect for young children as they’ll learn about the insects in our backyard, participate in Tony’s fun presentation, and experience bugs like never before!

About Creepy Crawly Zoo (website)

The Creepy Crawly Zoo is a brilliantly designed and powerful educational super show. It has excited, inspired and educated over a million students over the last two decades and it goes on. The Creepy Crawly Zoo is an exercise in respect for life and appears in the guise of a traveling live invertebrate exhibit. It is the mission of the zoo to take fear and malice for what is misunderstood and turn it into curiosity and respect. It is the programs intention that this will carry to other parts of student’s lives. This mission is accomplished by the show’s creator; performing educator, outreach specialist and award-winning film producer, Tony Gustin.

Tony (a.k.a. The Bug Whisperer™) is a dynamic theatrical educator and is in complete control from the get-go. His decades of experience working with students is immediately apparent. He leads his audience like the pied piper into jokes, stories, and horrifying pranks. Tony’s masterfully channeled playful enthusiasm and passion is infectious and the talk just escalates to a palatable excitement in the students. Tony fills the imagination of his audience with humorous accounts of the lives of his animals and his own follies as an entomologist and traveling educator. The show never loses momentum even during serious instruction. When he is finished Tony then turns the reins over to the students who become wide-eyed screaming maniacs as they rush up to handle the animals themselves.