A healthier Halloween: Some non-spooky strategies to slash sugar intake

MILWAUKEE -- Enjoying a few sweet treats during Halloween is fine, but the amount of sugar kids consume on the holiday can be downright mind boggling. That's why Lisa Grudzielanek with Your Tasty Life joins Real Milwaukee with some non-spooky strategies to slash their sugar intake.

Non-food items may cause a revolt depending on the kids in your neighborhood, but could include options such as:

    Healthier Halloween Picks Based on Sugar Content
    • When selecting candy & chocolate- aim for 8 grams or less sugar, which equals 2 teaspoons—still a lot but many have much more!
    • Beware artificial food colorings are associated with behavior issues & headache with children
    Per fun-sized bar
    Mounds 80 calories 7 grams of sugar
    Crunch Bar 65 calories 7 grams of sugar
    Kit Kat Bar 70 calories 7 grams of sugar
    Twizzler 50 calories 6 grams sugar
    Spooktacular Halloween Treat Tips
    • The smaller, the better. Select 'fun size' or 'mini.'
    • Select candy that takes a while to eat like lollipops or sucking candies. Brushing teeth after!
    • Stock up on 100% real fruit chews and fruit 'leather'.
    • Snack size granola bars.
    • Mini bags of popcorn, pretzels or trail mix.
    • Select dark chocolate- the darker the chocolate, the more antioxidants.