Open Record: The perfect title

Any time you listen to an episode of Open Record, you usually hear Bryan Polcyn, Amanda St. Hilaire, and Jenna Sachs. There are times various FOX6 reporters help us out: Jason Calvi to talk politics or maybe it's Derica Williams to talk education. But there are several others behind the scenes who help edit, publish, and post the podcast so it reaches your ears. In this edition of Open Record, Bryan Polcyn invites Executive Producer Sara Smith and editor Dave Michuda on to talk about how this podcast goes from an outline via email to an edited piece of audio you can download on your favorite podcast app.

You'll learn how this podcast has adapted amid a pandemic, the process from start to publication, and how doing something that's audio-only differs from what we do on a day-to-day basis working at a television station that uses a visual medium. Plus, get the inside scoop on the very scientific process this FOX6 team goes through twice a week to come up with the perfect podcast title.