Open Record Special Edition: Seventh Chances

MILWAUKEE -- Driving drunk in Wisconsin is not a crime until you get caught twice. It's not a felony until the fourth offense. But the seventh? For that, you're supposed to serve some serious prison time.

In this special edition of Open Record, Bryan and Amanda explore a conflict in the law that's allowing chronic drunk drivers to get out of prison early.

Open Records is a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of our FOX6 investigative reports. Hear how we got started on a story, where the investigation led us and some of the surprises we found along the way. This is the stuff we didn't have time to tell you on TV.

For this story, the FOX6 Investigators performed a case by case analysis of repeat drunk driving cases from 2018. Bryan and Amanda discuss why so many these persistent offenders are being released from prison well before their 3-year minimum sentence has been served. The investigation found 7, 8, 9 and 10-time offenders who are getting out of prison after serving just 20 to 40% of their mandatory minimum sentences. They also discuss why a Milwaukee County judge reached out to the FOX6 Investigators to call attention to what he considers a genuine public safety concern.

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