Open Record: Learning Loss

When it comes to pandemic learning, we know many students, families, and school staff are struggling. But in a recent FOX6 investigation, our Amanda St. Hilaire found that some school districts really don't want to talk about the data. 'Learning Loss' was a week of special reports on FOX6 showing how students in the ten largest school districts in our area are doing during the pandemic. In this episode of Open Record, you learn more about the series. What the data shows, how students and parents feel about virtual learning, the effect on mental health, and the efforts school districts in our area are making to help get students back on track.

Plus, you'll learn why public records aren't so public if you can't afford to get them and the challenge with holding elected officials accountable. In our 'Off the Record' segment, find out why the team was tapping their memory banks all the way back to kindergarten. Hear what toy Amanda coveted, but never had and the song Jenna sang as a young child and can still remember to this day.

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