Open Record: A police chief on deadline

MILWAUKEE -- Police Chief Alfonso Morales is fighting to keep his job. This as the FPC delivers a list of directives to Morales. If he does not comply, it could mean discipline including the potential for firing. What's on the list of 11 directives? The FPC is calling for better communication, more oversight over a number of things including investigations, policies, promotions and overtime.

In this edition of Open Record, an inside look at covering last night's meeting. FOX6 reporter Amy DuPont checked in with FOX6 Investigator Amanda St. Hilaire several times throughout with night as DuPont covered the meeting.

Listen as DuPont walks St. Hilaire through what was happening before the meeting, during, and reaction following the delivery of directives. Hear what Morales' attorney had to say about the list and why he's calling it unprecedented and personal. You'll also get some insight into what both supporters and those against Morales are saying about Milwaukee's top cop.

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