Deff-initely Milwaukee: On the mic with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee's Tarik Moody

MILWAUKEE -- He transitioned from a career in architecture to making things happen with a microphone. In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh chats with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee's Tarik Moody. Moody who left Minnesota for Milwaukee, talks about the risk he took on a new station in a new city. The pair talk about how the radio station adapted amid the coronavirus pandemic while still serving the community. Moody also shares his thoughts on the ongoing protests in Milwaukee and cities across the U.S. following the death of George Floyd.

You'll also hear some of Moody's favorite foods, video games, what he thinks is the best building in Milwaukee, and new music artists you need to know.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee's Tarik Moody

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