Aloha Pro Bowl (1-29-12)

Sunday was the Pro Bowl, and Ted discusses how it's comparable to an addiction: when you become addicted to a product, you'll take it in any form. However, Ted says relying on the Pro Bowl to fill your NFL fix isn't much different from picking up a still burning cigarette off the ground to satisfy your jones for nicotine. It'll do, but you'll hate yourself for it.

The NFL knows the Pro Bowl is a lousy game. It's the only All-Star contest where players have no shot of playing for a championship, and if it weren't for the setting of Hawaii, there would be plenty of no shows. Ted discusses how there were a lot of no shows in Sunday's Pro Bowl game, and says he lives across the street from a high school football field and sees better games on Thanksgiving morning.

Ted discusses how the NFL thinks letting the players "tweet" will distract fans from the game, but the Twitter feed Sunday night was only full of fans telling Roger Goodell they aren't buying this. The solution, according to Ted is every team gets one fan who gets to go, and play in the Pro Bowl game. Ted suggests having a contest, where the winner needs to include position played, helmet size and return the waiver form signed.