Zachariah Anderson trial: Child testifies they were asked to spy

A child spent the day on the stand in Zachariah Anderson's homicide trial in Kenosha County Wednesday, March 15.

"He said, ‘I may just watch him or follow him to his house, just for the fun of it,’" said the child. "Those were his exact words to me."

The child testified as to what they said Anderson told them and did with them in the days and months before Rosalio Gutierrez was last seen or heard from.

"They were laying there, listening to music together," said the child. 

"So what room are you looking into, from where your vantage point is?" the child was asked.

"The living room," said the child. "There was a space between the curtains."

Rosalio Gutierrez, Zachariah Anderson

The child testified they were with Anderson in late April and took an early morning car ride to Sadie Beacham's Germantown home. Beacham is Anderson's ex and had been dating Gutierrez.

"He jumps on the porch and looks through my mom's window with a camera," said the child.

The child said Anderson stole Gutierrez' vehicle registration and snapped a picture of his license plate before driving back to Anderson's Mequon home about 15 minutes away.

"So after you guys got home, what happened next -- if anything?" the child was asked.

"He dropped me off, and then he left again," said the child.

 Sadie Beacham

The child was not named to protect their identity.

The child said Anderson asked them to spy on Beacham and was given a phone to record Beacham when she got upset. Prosecutors say Anderson was jealous of Beacham's new relationship.

"How often, when you saw him, would he discuss with you the boyfriend?" the child was asked.

"Frequently," said the child.

"What did he call this person in your mom's life?" the child was asked.

"(A racial slur) and Booger," said the child.

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Prosecutors say Anderson was jealous enough that he went to Gutierrez' Kenosha apartment, killed him, hid the body and destroyed evidence of the crime, including cutting out carpet from his van.

The child testified that they saw the carpet in the van the weekend Gutierrez disappeared.

Dueling accusations delayed the minor's testimony in the afternoon. Prosecutors said they suspected Anderson may have been signaling the minor during the testimony. The defense said they suspected Beacham was signing to the minor on the stand. Beacham was asked and denied doing so.