"You're more suspicious:" Elderly couple traumatized by robbery at home

MILWAUKEE -- An elderly Milwaukee couple encounters unwanted guests who invaded their home. The experience had a traumatizing effect.

The couple did not want anyone to see their faces. They have been through quite an ordeal. He is 91 years old -- his wife is 88. Come August, they'll be married for 70 years.

On Saturday, he was about to bring groceries into his home from the detached garage near 90th and Congress. That's when a car pulled up.

"The young man gets out and he says, 'I see you need help. Maybe I can help you.'  I say that's very nice of you," said the man.

But he declined the help. The car left -- and he took his groceries inside.

"Then I heard a rap on the door. And we got the blinds down so I couldn't see who it was," said the man.

Three males, possibly teenagers, were on the other side. The couple wondered if the crooks followed them home from a store at 76th and Villard, where they had just been -- or whether they had been canvassing the neighborhood for victims.

"I opened the door like this and I'm standing here and one of the fellows put their foot in over there. And I closed the door like this and he caught me on the shoulder and I went backwards and my wife was behind me and then she went backwards and hit the cabinets behind us here," said the man.

The suspects grabbed the wife's purse on a chair by the door -- and took off.

The victims' son is extremely happy about that.

"If they didn't see that purse there. I think it might have went further," said the son.

It was a life-changing experience.

"You're not unassuming now. You're more suspicious," said the man.

In the purse was the wife's house and car keys, a credit card, an ID and less than $5 cash. Someone found the ID on the street several blocks away.

Milwaukee police tell FOX6 News they are investigating this case -- and have made no arrests.