Young woman faces long prison sentence: U.S. Marshals seek Ariella Webb

MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Marshals are looking for 18-year-old Ariella Webb.

Webb is wanted as an accomplice to a violent attack on a Milwaukee woman in 2015.

Agents say Webb helped Willie Jordan break into his girlfriend's home last December.  Allegedly Jordan, Webb and a third accomplice tied up and tortured Jordan's girlfriend.  Agents say the attackers also injected the victim with a potentially lethal dose of heroin and leaving her to die.  A roommate later found the unresponsive victim.  Paramedics were able to save her life.

On August 3rd Marshals announced Willie Jordan was captured in Louisiana and now agents are focusing  on Webb.

Webb is wanted for attempted homicide, false imprisonment and armed robbery.

Webb is 5'2" and weighs 103 lbs.  "Ambitious" is tattooed on her left arm. "Free Yourself" is tattooed on her right arm.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts should call U.S. Marshals at 414-297-3707.