'You dead, you got that?' Wrong-way driver accused of spitting on, attacking officers sentenced to jail

Denisha Davis

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- A woman accused of threatening, attacking, and spitting on police officers after driving the wrong way on Brown Deer Road in March 2019 was sentenced to jail Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Denisha Davis, 27, of Milwaukee pleaded guilty to one count of throw or discharge bodily fluids at public safety worker, and one count of OWI, second offense. In court on Feb. 19, Davis was sentenced to serve 150 days in the House of Correction, with credit for five days' time served, and Huber release. Additionally, her license was revoked for 18 months, and she was ordered to use an ignition interlock device for 18 months.

Two officers were taking part in a traffic stop near 51st Street and Brown Deer Road just before midnight March 9, 2019 when another crime was committed in front of them. A white Toyota drove past the officers, headed westbound in the eastbound lanes of Brown Deer Road. Police attempted a traffic stop, but the driver, later identified as Davis, did not pull over for several more blocks.

Once outside of the vehicle, she attempted field sobriety tests. Video showed at times, she was giggling and struggling to stand. Her stumbling later changed to spinning. A preliminary breath test revealed a reading of .191. Her antics escalated after she was handcuffed. Video showed her looking at the camera, sticking up her middle finger, and sticking out her tongue.

Things escalated further once she was in the booking room.

"Y'all ain't got (expletive) to do," she ranted as officers tried to remove her jacket.

Once she got an arm free, punches flew, and an officer was threatened.

"Try me, (expletive). Don't play with me. I'll hit you in your chin again if you let me go (expletive)," she said, continuing with a sinister laugh as officers tried to handcuff and search her.

"We are going to war with you (expletive), and that's a promise. (Expletive), you dead -- you got that?" she said.

Police said Davis also spit at officers while at the hospital for a blood draw.