Working to help voters navigate voter ID law: Group launches free "Got ID Wisconsin?" program

MILWAUKEE (WITI) – "Our Democracy 2020" has launched "Got ID Wisconsin?" -- a free program to assist voters in navigating the new photo ID law.

The program has a website, toll free telephone number, educational materials and a sign-up for rides to the DMV for anyone in need of a free photo ID for voting purposes.

The program is staffed by a team of six local Wisconsinites who are well versed on the new photo ID law and can field and follow up on any questions.

“All the details can be overwhelming and most voters are still unaware of restrictions in the last year. We refuse to let this challenge become a reason people stay home or get turned away from their civic duty at the polls,” Erika Wolf, Photo ID coordinator said.

The website includes an interactive tool to find out about the acceptable forms of ID and what voters need to do to get a free ID if they don't already have what they need to vote in the Fall General Election. The toll free number connects voters to a hotline staffed by attorneys: 1-866-OUR-VOTE/ 866-687-8683. This service is also available in Spanish: 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA/ 888-839-8682.

“We designed the Got ID Wisconsin? program to operate the way we need our elections run: free, fair and accessible. The integrity of this election is at risk due to the last minute photo ID changes, but our program seeks to fill some of the gaps," Wolf said.

Already Erika and the Got ID Wisconsin? team have run into difficult-to-answer questions and sticky situations where responsible citizens who are eligible to vote can’t easily get what they need under the new law.

“We are stepping up to fill in the gaps on voting rights. We are not going to give up on the State of Wisconsin, on our families, on our neighbors who want to participate and truly make an impact by casting a ballot on November 4th," Wolf said.

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