Woman set on fire by stranger speaks on camera about her healing

A Waukesha woman who was set on fire by a stranger in an unprovoked attack spoke on camera for the first time on Friday, Oct. 16. It is a story you'll find only on FOX6

"It's been nice to just have the worst behind me," said Amber Fuller.

Red Light Therapy is the light at the end of Fuller's tunnel. It is the hope she has searched for since Sept. 2 -- a day that still seems so dark.

Amber Fuller

"I have the same reaction that people do when they talk to me. They're like I can't believe that -- and I'm like, I can't believe it either. This is not something normally that happens," Fuller said.

The 30-year-old was walking her dogs in Waukesha when prosecutors say Joel Murn set her on fire in an unprovoked attack. Detectives believe Murn mistook Fuller for a cousin he intended to kill.

Amber Fuller

"If I see a stranger my heart is going," Fuller said.

Fuller suffered second and third-degree burns on her arm and back. But it is the fire inside her that burns the brightest -- not letting the attack scar her mentally.

"Lots of hope. It's very surprising how fast your body heals itself or can heal itself," Fuller said.

Amber Fuller

Amber Fuller

Fuller recently had skin graph surgery -- a painful few weeks.

"Open wounds, it was not fun. It was not pretty. It was very painful -- so it was rough," Fuller said.

Amber Fuller

Amber Fuller

While Fuller is not quite back to work, she is there for light therapy.

"This is kind of a home away from home," Fuller said.

The massage therapist is taking off the bandages of that painful day. Fuller's burns are healing fast and well -- and the wounds on her heart are healing too. 

Amber Fuller

"I'm healing really well and slowly starting to feel like myself every day," Fuller said.

There will be a fundraiser for Fuller to help pay with medical bills. It is set for Sunday, Nov. 8. CLICK HERE for more information. You can also pitch in by donating to the GoFundMe just below. 

For the record, Joel Murn is due back in court on Oct. 21 for a review hearing. 

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