Woman prosecutors say admitted to taking methadone, driving revoked with child pleads not guilty

Sarah Gorzalski

RACINE COUNTY -- A Burlington woman accused of driving while impaired with a 5-year-old child in her vehicle was in court Wednesday, March 20 for her preliminary hearing, which she waived.

Sarah Gorzalski, 33, is facing the following charges:

    During Wednesday's court hearing, probable cause was found for further proceedings, and Gorzalski was bound over for trial. She pleaded not guilty. A status conference was set for April 29.

    The incident happened on the afternoon of Feb. 19 in the Town of Norway.

    According to the Racine County Sheriff's Office, a complaint came in regarding a white pickup truck swerving all over the road on State Highway 36, approaching State Highway 164.

    A deputy spotted the truck near State Highway 11 and State Highway 36. He observed the truck weaving through traffic -- at one point causing another motorist to brake to avoid a collision.

    According to the criminal complaint,  the deputy activated his emergency lights and siren to stop the vehicle. That's when the driver, later identified as Gorzalski, hit the brakes hard and then accelerated rapidly before braking again, causing the truck to fishtail. The truck slid into the snow-covered center median sideways and then rocked up onto two tires.

    Officials said the truck fell back onto all four tires and came to a stop, partially blocking traffic on the opposite side of State Highway 36.

    Gorzalski then rapidly accelerated, driving across oncoming traffic, narrowly avoiding yet another collision with multiple oncoming vehicles -- forcing them to brake and swerve. Gorzalski then stopped on the opposite shoulder of State Highway 36, facing northbound.

    The deputy made contact with Gorzalski -- at which time she stated that she knew her license was revoked and admitted she was taking methadone.

    There was a 5-year-old child in the truck -- who was seated in a child seat, but was not buckled into the seat.

    Gorzalski has an open case out of Racine County, filed on Jan. 15, 2019. She was charged with one misdemeanor count of retail theft, intentionally taking less than $500.

    She has a second open case, filed on June 25, 2018. She was charged with misdemeanor OWI, second offense and misdemeanor operating while revoked.

    She has status conferences in those cases set for May 13.