Woman attacks man with car bumper: 'She's been over busting out my window, vandalizing my cars'

MILWAUKEE -- A woman went berserk on Milwaukee's north side. She ended up using a car bumper as a weapon -- and it was all caught on camera.

With a car bumper in one hand and some bad intentions, the suspect was caught on camera unleashing her fury on the vehicle and its owner.

Police arrived on the scene near 16th and Capitol on Monday, March 25. But that did not stop the woman from throwing punches and attacking the man.

"He just calls me and says, 'I just crashed into a house. (The woman) is chasing me again,'" said Brandy Williams.

Williams said the man in the video is her husband, Nicholas, who allegedly may have a baby with the 25-year-old woman who has been harassing her family.

"This is the damaged vehicle," Williams said. "She's been over busting out my window, vandalizing my cars, and now this incident," Williams said.

Woman attacks man with car bumper at 16th and Capitol

Police said the woman threatened Nicholas Williams with a brick. Witnesses said the suspect followed Williams' husband -- ramming his vehicle until it wrecked.

Woman attacks man with car bumper at 16th and Capitol

"The airbags are deployed. The radiator is busted. It's leaking oil," Williams said.

Williams wanted to address the issue after video of the confrontation spread on social media.

"I've tried three restraining orders. Three attempts at restraining orders," Williams said. "This is nothing new. I'm glad that it's on video now."

Williams said she's concerned about her family's safety, and even those who came into the woman's path.

Brandy Williams

"Even when police came, she didn't back down. She was unremorseful about it," Williams said.

The woman was physically combative with officers on the scene. but she was eventually taken into custody.

"Now we can just rest and hopefully the law revokes her and she can go to prison and we can kind of rest," Williams said.

While in custody, police said the woman continually kicked the interior door of the squad, damaging the door frame. As it turned out, the woman was already on probation after being found guilty of maintaining a drug trafficking place.

As of Tuesday, March 26, she was in the Milwaukee County Jail.