With a staggered approach, UWM students move into dorms

As University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students head to campus for move-in day, the process looks a little different than in years past. 

"Move in! First day," said Arcetta Knautz, the director of University Housing

Arcetta Knautz

This campus is seeing people for the first time in a while. 

300 UWM students are the first to move back onto campus. 

"We're a little less than 50% of our residential population is on campus," Knautz said.

Due to COVID-19, the process has been expanded from a few days to almost two weeks, with specific move-in times. 

Students are only allowed two helpers.

"It's a little weird," said incoming freshman Zach Weisgerber.

And a drive-thru system is how keys and information is handed out. 

"It's a challenging time right now so to know that students are really taking their education seriously knowing that it may be challenging is really exciting," Knautz said.

Sandburg Hall is the first to have students moving in.

Returning students are adjusting well to the new process. 

"I think everybody getting back to school is great, but it's definitely going to be a totally different experience that we would never imagine," Junior Emily Schoenfeldt said.

And incoming freshman are thankful to be on campus at all. 

"Good, so I can actually get the college experience," Weisgerber said. 

Although it may be hard to meet new people socially distant — many students are staying positive, and ready to kick off the new school year. 

"It's like we're not used to this it's totally different and we're just, like, all going through it together," Weisgerber said.

Today was just day one of four move-in days to take place. before classes start. Roughly 2,100 students will be on campus.