With a Packers playoff game happening Saturday it may be time to upgrade your gear

During the pandemic, it seems like everyone is trying to be as comfortable as possible at home, so why not do it in style? Brian is at the Green And Gold Zone in West Allis checking out last year’s most popular line of clothes - Packer's loungewear.

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The season-ending gut-punch loss was the worst feeling ever. From planning parties and plane-rides to total dejection, we had to start coping immediately. We pushed through the what-went-wrong and who-to-blame and started talking about what-to-fix. But why focus on what cut us so deeply?

Apparel is Skin-deep; Packers Football is in our Blood

The shared cultural experience of being a Packer fan is unlike anything else. The second smallest city in American professional sports – Buffalo - is 3 times bigger than us. We drive from all over the country to park in a big bearded guy’s yard. We laugh as teams with billionaire proprietors get trounced by the team uncle Larry owns stock in.

Men, Women and Children Cheesing it up in Packers Gear

We are Milwaukee. We are Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha and Madison. We are Superior, Eau Claire and La Crosse. We are Oshkosh, Appleton, Fond du Lac and Sheboygan. We are the worldwide army of Green Bay loyalists living and dying with each snap of the ball.

We are Packer fans.

Merchandise including Sideline Hats, Hoodies, T-Shirts & Clothing

You know you’re a Green Bay fan when …. You’ve gotten a Packer Christmas gift every year since birth. You hate big city teams with parking ramps because they detract from the pre-game tailgate festival. You’ve taken a vacation to tour Lambeau Field, or the Packer Hall of Fame. "Bang the Drum" makes you uncontrollably smile. And your wardrobe has a Green and Gold section.