Wisconsin State Fair kicks off 11-day run with big crowds and perfect weather

Wisconsin State Fair

WEST ALLIS -- The Wisconsin State Fair is officially in full swing. The 11-day event kicked off Thursday, Aug. 1 with big crowds and perfect weather.

"We always come the first day of the season," said Tad Hemp, fairgoer.

Old and new fair-goers gave their opening day experience two thumbs up.

"For my first time, this is awesome. I can't wait to come back here every year," said Jared Christy, fairgoer.

Wisconsin State Fair

For many, the food is the main attraction.

"They spiral cut the potatoes, then they deep-fry it," said Liz Jones, fairgoers.

"Wisconsin classic, cheese curds. They're so good," said Christy.

At Spin City, riders -- hopefully on an empty stomach -- say the scarier the better.

Wisconsin State Fair

"It's definitely much more fun, it's fast and you go up high," said Shelisa Germany, fairgoer. "My stomcah dropped like 15 times."

If keeping both feet on the ground is more your speed...

Wisconsin State Fair

"You get to see so many different variety of animals all in one place," said Heidie Vanderpool, fairgoer.

Few things complete a trip to the Dairy State, quite like a walk through the cow barn.

"She's scared to pet the cows," said Devin Collins, fairgoer.

"I petted a cow," fairgoer Devin Collins said. "They're friendly. I thought they were mean but they're not."

Some people have a fear of heights, some people have a fear of cows. At the State Fair, you can get over both.

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Wisconsin State Fair