Wisconsin recount 'not about' mistakes, President Trump tweets

U.S. President Donald Trump (Xinhua/Ting Shen via Getty Images)

President Donald Trump on Saturday, Nov. 28 tweeted that the Wisconsin recount requested by his campaign is "not about finding mistakes" in the previously-reported tally, which showed a 20,000 vote victory for President-elect Joe Biden.

The Trump campaign filed a recount request for Milwaukee and Dane counties -- the state's two largest predominantly Democratic counties -- on Nov. 18. An effort that cost the campaign at least $3 million, the request claimed that the counties were host to the "worst irregularities" in the election, but did not provide evidence of illegal activity.

In his tweet, the president said that the recount was not an effort to find mistakes in the tally, but about "finding people who have voted illegally." He also tweeted that his campaign has "found many illegal votes," presumably in Wisconsin. Again, no such evidence has been provided to date.

Twitter flagged the tweet, citing that the president's claim "about election fraud is disputed."

Milwaukee County completed its recount and certified its results on Friday, Nov. 28 and found an increased margin of victory for Biden in the county after nearly 400 uncounted ballots were found. The Democrat gained 257 additional votes and the president gained 125 additional votes in the recount. 

Dane County has not yet certified its results. Once it does, both counties results will go to the state for final certification.

Thus far in the certification process, there have been no reports of widespread or large-scale voter fraud or illegal activity from election officials at the county or state levels.

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