Wisconsin DOT offers red "veteran" identifier for driver's licenses of service men, women

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Next month when we celebrate Veterans Day, former service men and women will want to be recognized. They can be ready to identify themselves and their service to this country by a red “VETERAN” identifier on a Wisconsin driver license or state identification card (ID) from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Veterans should plan now to first verify their eligibility status through the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) before going either online or to any DMV service center to get a replacement driver license or ID.

Many organizations and businesses offer benefits or discounts to veterans, and this is a way for veterans to quickly identify themselves to these organizations and businesses without having to carry confidential personal information. This driver license or ID also serves as photo ID to vote.

“Once a veteran has verified eligibility, DMV is then able to issue a driver license or ID card with the veteran identifier. We can’t stress enough the importance of first contacting the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. If a veteran is not verified by the WDVA as eligible for this veteran identifier, DMV staff are unable to issue a driver license or ID card that carries it,” said Alison Lebwohl, DMV Driver Qualification chief.

To verify eligibility, veterans should call 1-800-WIS-VETS (947-8387). Those who have already met the criteria for the definition of Wisconsin veteran will be told they may go online or into a DMV customer service center and get an updated driver license card or identification card. Wisconsin veterans who have not yet contacted the WDVA to verify their eligibility status for the veteran identifier  may apply for verification using an expedited online form at the WDVA website (WisVets.com) or they may download a form from WisVets.com and mail it to the WDVA.

“Our systems will show that they are registered with the WDVA. All they need to bring with them to a DMV service center is proof of identity, such as current driver license or ID card,” said Lebwohl. “It’s simple: Verify, then apply.”

The website wisconsindmv.gov (note extension .gov) is the official state DMV website. Others with .org and .com are not official and may have extra charges for forms or list information that is dated or incorrect.

In addition to the expanding services on its website, WisDOT connects with customers on Facebook at facebook.com/WisDOT and Twitter #WisDOT at twitter.com/WisconsinDOT.