Wisconsin Center prepped for mostly virtual 2020 DNC: 'Backbone for our operation'

Milwaukee's Wisconsin Center is prepped for what is now a mostly virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC). On Sunday, Aug. 16, FOX6 News got a behind-the-scenes look at the key workspaces that will help bring the convention to the masses.

"Normally this happens in a small little truck, so this is a very different way for us to be operating," said Jessica Jennings, director of media logistics for the 2020 DNC.

The control room at the Wisconsin Center is larger than normal.

"What's going to be happening behind me tomorrow night is the technical backbone for how our convention will be seen by millions of viewers across the country," Jennings said.

Jessica Jennings, Director of Media Logistics for the 2020 DNC

From producers to interpreters, to bringing in the live speakers and audience reaction shots -- it will all happen here.

"The convention can be viewed on a phone, on a tablet, on a TV, on a laptop -- and that's possible because of all the different work that's happening in this space," Jennings said.

2020 DNC set-up at the Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee

Due to COVID-19, the operations look much different than originally planned -- with desks six feet apart and plenty of plexiglass, so as you are tuning in from home, keep in mind there is a select group of people in Milwaukee making it all possible.

"This is absolutely the backbone for our operation," Jennings said.

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