Winter energy moratorium expires Sunday, April 15th

MILWAUKEE -- A rule that allows the lights to stay on for utility customers who fall behind on their bill throughout the winter is set to expire Sunday, April 15th. That means, customers who are behind could be at risk of having their electricity disconnected.

The moratorium for the heating season ends on Sunday.  WE Energies officials say starting Monday, April 16th, crews will be turning off power for customers who have not paid. "We can't stress enough that disconnection really is a last resort," Cathy Schulze with WE Energies said.

As many as 56,000 WE Energies customers are at risk of having their power shut off in an average year. WE Energies says there are several payment plans and resources available for those struggling to pay.

"For customers who are having trouble paying their bills, there is still energy assistance available.  We can point them in the direction of that energy assistance if that is something that they need.  We urge our customers who are having problems paying their bills to call us so that we can work something out and we can avoid (disconnection)," Schulze said.

WE Energies officials have been notifying delinquent customers through the mail, with phone calls and even knocking on doors.

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