Will the Art Museum take over O'Donnell Park? County Board tables that idea for now

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Board couldn't come to a decision Thursday, March 26th as it relates to what to do with O'Donnell Park.

Milwaukee Art Museum officials had hoped to use the land for parking for its guests -- something the board tabled Thursday. That decision would have been a compromise between two earlier proposals.

Some on the board wanted the land sold to private investors for redevelopment.

Others said it should remain a public park.

One of the sticking points is how Art Museum officials would fund the parking structure.

"Probably a little premature for us to make any kind of speculative guess or what it might do from a museum standpoint or others on the lakefront or what it might do for the county," Milwaukee Art Museum President Kenneth C. Krei said.

Earlier this year, the board narrowly rejected Northwestern Mutual's bid to buy the O'Donnell Park property.