Whitefish Bay police 'Orbeez challenge' warning: 'It is dangerous'

Whitefish Bay police took to social media Wednesday, Aug. 10 to warn against "shooting Orbeez" as part of the so-called "Orbeez challenge."

Police noted "several incidents recently."

According to police, the Orbeez challenge is a viral social media trend that encourages people to shoot Orbeez water beads and gel pellets from air guns.  Packs of the popular children's toy can come with up to 500 Orbeez and 1500 Orbeez seeds, according to the manufacturer.

The gel beads are typically created with water, but many conducting the challenge have begun freezing the beads to intensify their effects.

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Whitefish Bay police said, "Shooting Orbeez at people, cars, animals, or really anything is not cool. It is dangerous. Please know that you will not become TikTok famous from doing the Orbeez challenge. This challenge was so last week. TikTok has moved on and so should you. In conclusion: DO NOT SHOOT ORBEEZ AT PEOPLE!!" 

In Brookfield in April, three people were cited following two reports of people shooting Orbeez-type projectiles near Civic Drive and Norhardt Drive.