'What's the law if a baby dies?' $100K cash bond for Kenosha man charged in death of 2-month-old

Hezile Frison

KENOSHA COUNTY -- A Kenosha man charged in connection with the death of his 2-month-old daughter made his initial appearance in court Wednesday, Sept. 4.

Charges were filed Tuesday against Hezile Frison, 36:

    In court on Wednesday, cash bond was set at $100,000, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Sept. 11.

    Monica Adams

    Charges were filed against Monica Adams, 21, of Kenosha, on Aug. 19:

      Cash bond was set at $100,000 on Aug. 19. An arraignment was scheduled for Sept. 24.

      According to a criminal complaint, on Aug. 14, Kenosha police took a report of a missing child. Officials were told by Frison's relative that he and his girlfriend, Monica Adams, had a daughter named Jalisa Adams-Frison, who was born on May 16.

      Frison's relative told investigators Frison and Adams were homeless, so she allowed them to stay with her at a home near 45th Street and 37th Avenue in Kenosha. The relative stated Frison and Adams avoided her a lot, and she was the primary caregiver of the child; bathing, clothing, and feeding her. Frison's relative said it appeared Adams "didn't have an emotional connection with Jalisa, and didn't interact with her much."

      FOX6 News obtained a photo showing 2-month-old Jalisa Adams-Frison sleeping peacefully — taken days before she was last seen alive.

      On July 28, Frison's relative said she woke up from a nap and learned Frison and Adams had left, and taken the baby. She told investigators calls to them went straight to voicemail. According to the criminal complaint, when Frison's relative finally made contact with the couple, they gave "several different stories for their and Jalisa's location." Three hours later, Frison and Adams returned to the Kenosha home without the child.

      Monica Adams

      Investigators said Frison's relative reluctantly let the pair back into the Kenosha home, and after more conversation, believed Adams' mother had the child and was caring for her. However as time passed, Frison's relative "slowly began to have a feeling that something wasn't right."

      On Aug. 14, the criminal complaint said Frison's relative became "extremely concerned that something was wrong with Jalisa." The relative was able to get Frison and Adams into a vehicle with the belief they were going to visit the child, but really, they were headed to the Kenosha Police Department. When they arrived at the police station, Frison's relative "demanded to be told immediately" what happened to the baby.

      Frison and Adams then fled the area, but were apprehended by police a short time later.

      Hezile Frison

      When investigators spoke with Frison, the criminal complaint said he was "argumentative" during questioning. He did not admit to any wrongdoing.

      Investigators searched Frison's phone and found text messages between the couple. In one exchange, Adams mentioned to Frison that she "cannot stop crying." Frison, according to investigators, also had a telling list of web searches, including the following, according to the complaint:

        When investigators questioned Frison about his search history, he continued to maintain Jalisa was "fine" and was with Adams' parents. However, as time went on, Frison "became emotional" and later admitted to knowing where her body was.

        Authorities questioned Adams, who claimed multiple times Jalisa was in the care of her parents. According to the criminal complaint, Adams later admitted Jalisa had died in the basement; claiming first she died while she was in the shower, then later stating they were both in bed with the child and it was a co-sleeping death.

        Adams told investigators they placed Jalisa's body in a blue drawstring bag before leaving her in a wooded lot in Kenosha.

        Frison gave investigators the location of Jalisa's body, and officials found the bag the little girl was left in near 50th Street and 52nd Avenue. Her remains were missing, but authorities said it was enough evidence to charge the two.