What do Vietnam veterans think about the John Doe case?

MILWAUKEE -- Veterans continue to share strong reactions to word of the accusations against Kevin Kavanaugh, who is accused of stealing more than $40,000 from organizations that distribute money to veterans.

Vietnam veterans meeting at Dry Hootch Coffee House aren't at a loss for words just one day after Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm announced embezzlement charges against Kavanaugh. Veteran Dennis Pawlak says, "With the veterans' funds being used therefore misused, I really don't like that. Anything with the veterans, you know, because I'm a very conscious veteran and I'm a proud veteran."

Kavanaugh himself is a Vietnam veteran, a former member of the Milwaukee County Veterans Service Commission, and former Treasurer of a local chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.
The money Kavanaugh embezzled came from donations associated with the former operation freedom event, and from the military order of the Purple Heart and other sources.
Some veterans say it's not the money, but the reputation of veterans organizations they're concerned about.