Wet, soggy Thanksgiving Day weather was no match for die-hard Packers fans

GREEN BAY --A legendary stadium hosting a legendary game. And honoring two legendary players -- Lambeau Field was all lit up Thanksgiving night. Fans in Green Bay, while wet, say it's well worth the wait.

Green Bay tailgate

It's the first home Packers Thanksgiving game in more than 90 years. In a downpour, fans say the weather to honor two legends is perfect.

The rain was not a problem for those tailgating ahead of the game. The people who frequent these lots are used to the elements. They came prepared, willing to improvise.

"Well the wind picked up now we have the added task of keeping the tent from flying away," said Jeff Jacove, fan.

Green Bay tailgate

Jeff Jacove is supporting his party, as his family supports his efforts. Others are contributing to the effort by bringing the food.

"We got some chicken wings going. We have three turkey breasts," said a Packers tailgater.

Lambeau Field

There's no need to skip the holiday meal, the first home Packers Thanksgiving game since 1923, has brought the turkey to the tailgate! Strangely, the only thing that would make the weather more perfect fans say, is if it was colder.

Packers fans

After all, this is a night to honor the past, cheer on the Pack, Brett and Bart Starr on Thanksgiving night.

Even in a freezing downpour, it's music to fans ears.

There are so many legendary moments from Bart Starr and Brett Favre at Lambeau Field and tonight, they are creating another one.