'We're trying to stop a reckless driver:' MCSO dashcam video shows high-speed I-43 pursuit

Miguel Diaz

GLENDALE -- Minutes after midnight on Jan. 4, a Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputy was heading north on I-43/94 when he turned on his lights and sirens and radioed in.

"We're trying to stop a reckless driver. We're northbound on 94, passing Layton," the deputy is heard saying. "There's no plate or bumper, it's tied on the rear. I think it's an Acura. So we're going to be northbound through 94. (The car is) slowing down in the curve here."

But slow, the car didn't.

The two vehicles quickly covered miles of interstate. The car, with its headlights off, weaved in and around other cars at speeds between 100 and 130 miles per hour.

MCSO dashcam footage of I-43 pursuit

As the chase continued north on I-43, Glendale police officers were also headed its way. The deputy in the chase radioed in the suspect's lane position and officers deployed stop sticks on the interstate near Silver Spring Drive.

The car briefly tapped the brakes -- still going roughly 100 miles per hour -- then slowed. The driver bailed out of the car.

Glendale police dashcam footage of I-43 pursuit suspect

Glendale police dashcam footage of I-43 pursuit suspect

A deputy fired a taser at the suspect -- no effect. The suspect then jumped a fence and was later arrested.

I-43 pursuit suspect vehicle

32-year-old Miguel Diaz is charged with fleeing police, recklessly endangering safety and bail jumping. He had his driver's license suspended in 2019 and told police he sped off because he was: "Not following the conditions of his bail."

Diaz remains jailed on a $10,000 bond and is due back in court in February. The two deputies involved were treated for minor injuries and, thankfully, no one was hurt -- or worse.