'We're on track:' FOX6 News gets private tour of Foxconn site in Mount Pleasant

RACINE COUNTY -- Thursday, Oct. 4 marked 100 days since President Donald Trump, Governor Scott Walker and Foxconn executives broke ground on the new manufacturing site in Mount Pleasant in Racine County. FOX6 News got a private tour of the site -- a look at the progress made.

Since the groundbreaking, more than 400 employees are on-site every day, prepping the ground the factory will be built on -- with more than 150 trucks rolling eight hours a day.

"We have hundreds of workers. Approximately 400 on the job. Next year it will go from hundreds to thousands," said Adam Jelen, Gilbane Building Company.

So far, everything is on schedule, the developers said. Since late June, crews have moved 3.5 million cubic yards of soil that will become the foundation for the factory.

"They're hauling over to the first major building pad that will compose the first LCD manufacturing facility. We're on track with site development. We're on track with our first building, which is the 'Multipurpose Building.' It started in August and it will be complete on, or about November of this year," said Jelen.

Additionally, developers said they're on budget.

Developers said one thing that has given them problems is Mother Nature. Lots of rain makes it challenging for the trucks to get around the site.

"A year from now, we will have invested, the state of Wisconsin will have invested, not more than $9.5 million in tax credits for activity that will encompass two-and-a-half years," said Mark Hogan with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.