'We're appreciated:' Each week amid COVID-19, Kenosha restaurant donates food to seniors

KENOSHA -- Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the staff at Century Pub and Eatery in Kenosha has made hundreds of meals for seniors at Prairie Ridge Senior Center-- donating food for free.

Those at the restaurant didn't want to see the food go to waste -- so it instead brings smiles to seniors in quarantine every Sunday.

"Today, we're doing prime rib and shrimp linguine," said Ron McGill, owner of Century Pub and Eatery.

There was a rhythm Sunday, May 10 as workers filled, packed and gently stacked each tray for special delivery.

"They've been doing it for a few weeks now," said McGill. "Every Sunday since the coronavirus started, we've been making meals for seniors at Prairie Ridge Senior Center."

Over 60 meals, plus Mother's Day roses were loaded into Donna Alverson's SUV for a 15-minute drive to serve seniors.

"It makes me feel wonderful," said Alverson.

At Prairie Ridge, Alverson's arrival was celebrated.

"I think they're doing a great thing for seniors," said Ralph Hassan.

Hassan, Alverson's father, who lives at Prairie Ridge, helps her unload.

"It shows that we're appreciated," said Hassan.

Each week, the donated food warms the hearts of seniors in quarantine.

"We look forward to Sundays," said Pat Stebbins. "It breaks up the monotony."

"It's been very difficult," said Hassan. "We can't get out and go about as we normally do."

Residents said they look forward to paying it forward.

"I think we will probably all want to get to the restaurant as soon as we open up, because they have been so great," said Stebbins.

Other restaurants have pitched in to help with desserts, and McGill said they have no plans to stop this weekly tradition anytime soon.