'We’ll do this as long as we can:' Klement's Sausage now offers curbside pickup

MILWAUKEE -- Curbside pickup is becoming a popular way for local businesses to stay open. For the first time this week, Klement's Sausage decided to give it a try.

With 20 pounds of pre-cooked bratwurst -- Jan Lesniewski is all set for dinner.

"It's got good flavor, good quality, doesn’t shrink. It's wonderful," said Jan Lesniewski, first customer.

She's the first customer for curbside pickup at Klement's Sausage Outlet store.

Klement's offers curbside pickup

"We’re doing everything we can to keep this place open," said Steve Lufkin, warehouse and transportation manager, Klement’s Sausage.

Klement's offers curbside pickup

The outlet store closed in early April. However, Klement's is still making the sausage for sale at grocery stores. But without sports, the business is losing a lot of sales.

"What is affecting us the most is the Bucks and the baseball teams. We were a very large supplier to the food service groups that supported those stadiums," said Lufkin.

Allowing people to buy sausage by the case -- is just one way the business is adjusting. This week was a trial run. The operations manager says they'll do it again if there's demand.

Klement's offers curbside pickup

"We’ll do this as long as we can, as long as we have to, to support our community," said Lufkin.

Lesniewski says the trip is worth it to help a Milwaukee staple.

"You want to help the local businesses, and Klement’s has been here for so many years," said Lesniewski,

Klement's says multiple products sold out during the sale.

If Klement's decides to do another sale, they say they will post about it on their website and social media.