Wearable buzzer proving to provide relief for children with autism: "For him to be calm is amazing"

PHOENIX, Arizona -- Jacob Holma has been diagnosed with autism.

"Every day of my life, there's a story going on in my head -- a literal, actual story with a plot and everything," Holma said.

Those stories get in his way. He will start pacing, cannot focus, and would leave his classroom.

"Just agitated. It's a constant struggle with the teachers to say 'hey Jacob, get back to this,'" Sherri Holma, Jacob's mother said.

After a lifetime of trying different therapies and medications, a small, new piece fell into place.

Jacob Holma's nervous system is now stimulated with "Buzzies." His mom said it's been a game changer, and the change has been instant.

"For him to be calm and doing his work is amazing," Sherri Holma said.

Buzzies are the brain child of Dr. Amy Serin.

"I feel like a stumbled on a miracle that I want more people to know about," Dr. Serin said.

She took a tried and true therapy -- bilateral stimulation -- and mobilized it. You wear Buzzies like a watch, or in your pocket, and control it with your phone.

"It interferes with your body's stress response," Dr. Serin said.

She saw the need -- not just for her clients, but in her own home.

"I am the mother of two children who are twice exceptional and they need the Buzzies," Dr. Serin said.

With results came a vision -- possibilities beyond Jacob Holma and her children.

"We can give people access to stress relief all around the world and have more peace, better performance. It frees them up to live their best life," Dr. Serin said.

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