"We transformed the state:" Gov. Walker touts successes at Wisconsin Republican convention

LA CROSSE (WITI) — It's a big day at the Wisconsin Republican convention in La Crosse. Governor Scott Walker addressed an estimated crowd of about 1,000 delegates from all over the state Saturday morning.

Delegates representing counties across the state jump to their feet Saturday morning, May 16th as Governor Scott Walker ditches the Republican convention stage in favor of being among the crowd.

"You helped us for the third time in a row, add seats in the state Assembly and state Senate," said Governor Scott Walker.

With his sleeves rolled up, Walker's address may have felt more like a campaign speech. He's back in Wisconsin after spending most of last week on a tour of Israel.

"We took the power away from the big government special interests and put it in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers," said Walker.

Walker touted his successes and rattled off a long list.

"In March of 2015, the unemployment rate was down to 4.6%. We passed concealed carry and castle doctrine so we can protect ourselves, family and loved ones and property," said Walker.

While Walker was the big draw on Saturday, other notable state Republicans like Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch helped rev up the party as they head into a critical 2016 election year.

"Raise your hand if you really love the fact that Governor Walker has cut your taxes by $2 billion," said Kleefisch.

He may have looked in campaign mode.

"We transformed the state," said Walker.

But there were no big announcements made about Walker's next step. He's previously said he will make a decision about running for president after the state budget is passed. But there were a few hints dropped along the way about the future.

"You did it in a state that hasn't gone Republican for president since 1984 -- we're going to change that next year too, by the way," said Walker.

From here, Governor Walker heads out of Wisconsin, joining other Republican hopefuls in Iowa.