'We have a responsibility:' Milwaukee sign fabricator starts 3D printing reusable masks

MILWAUKEE -- A fabricator by trade and known for making signs, Adam Brown is the owner of Sign Effectz. His small business is trying to take on a big task.

Adam Brown

"This is my life right now," Brown said.

For the past week, he's been working nonstop to help healthcare workers stay safe as the coronavirus pandemic spreads. He's using a 3D printer to make reusable masks.

"This has become my priority," said Brown. "We have a responsibility if we have the ability and skills to serve our country, even though we're just civilians, we have to."

He's testing out several prototypes to see how to obtain the best protection.

"You print the mask first, I put the foam gasket around the perimeter, I've tested and sampled many straps," he said. "The mask itself has an insert that comes out. You replace your filter put your insert back in done.

"The filter could be cleaned, it could be sterilized it could be disinfected."

With two dozen already completed, Brown is hoping his idea and efforts will make a difference.

"Give the nurses something to go back to work with and feel safe," he said.

Brown is in need of help with production and connection to those who are in need of the masks. If you have a business that can pitch in or know of a place in need, CLICK HERE to contact Brown.