We Energies warns of bill-payer scams that 'often' appear on Facebook

MILWAUKEE -- We Energies has issued a warning to customers about potential scammers. The utility provider says to be wary of people or messages that claim they can erase the balance of your bill in exchange for an up-front payment.

In a statement to FOX6 News, We Energies said:

"We often see these types of posts in private Facebook groups where (scammers) try to prey on vulnerable people looking to pay their bill...If anyone ever needs help paying their We Energies bill, please reach out to us for options that may be available."

The company says it is unaware of any victims in this type of scam at this time. Customers who need help paying their bill, or who believe they've noticed a potential scam, can reach out to We Energies by calling 800-242-9137.