We Energies may play a role in recovery after Isaac

MILWAUKEE -- Officials with We Energies are closely monitoring tropical storm Isaac to determine what, if anything, will affected communities may need in the way of help.

"When there is a storm, that's talked about, like this, and people are anticipating the worst -- utilities, across the country really are on-alert, and waiting," said We Energies spokesperson Kathy Schulze.

Schulze says We Energies has not sent its own employees into the devastated areas. But it has released several contracted crews to help with the situation in the south. About two dozen contracted employees are waiting for word regarding where they may be headed.

"They're kind of in a 'waiting game', right now, until they get direction to see where the damage is, and where they're needed, most, and then they'll be directed to helping restoration efforts, there," said Schulze.

While We Energies employees may end up making a trip to help, Schulze says the specifics of that assistance are yet to be determined.

We Energies last sent a contingent of the company's own employees when Hurricane Irene cut a path through the East Coast in 2011.