'We do what we can:' Milwaukee moms form Facebook group to help other parents in need of basic essentials

When it comes to raising a child, you've probably heard the phrase, "It takes a village." Translate that to 2020, where the village could be a Facebook group of moms making sure parents and kids have basic essentials.

Harmonee Fletcher and Mariana Cooper

Harmonee Fletcher and Mariana Cooper know sometimes parents struggle to provide basic essentials for their kids.

"Sometimes people say they need size one Pampers," said Fletcher. "If I don't have it or can't get it from another mother, I go to the store and grab it."

Mommy Group

That's why in Mommy Group, it's all about sharing. In this group, everything is free and donated to mothers in need.

Mommy Group started late last year after Fletcher was scrolling Facebook and noticed something.

"I saw a mother with four kids and none of them had coats, hats or gloves," said Fletcher. "I've seen a lot of kids without. I woke up in the morning and created the group."

"It actually breaks my heart to see kids go without because sometimes it's out of the parents' control," said Fletcher. "I believe everybody at one point in time needs that help or that kick."

Harmonee Fletcher

In just a few month's time, the group has really taken off.

"So it is a big community, basically everybody in Milwaukee," said Fletcher. "If they have something they don't need, they'll let us know. We try to help everybody that we can."

It's a true community effort, where members ask questions, encourage each other and share items they no longer need.

Mommy Group

Cooper joined in March because she had a stockpile of baby formula her son no longer needed and wanted to share it with others.

While the name implies the group is for moms, many of its 700+ members are dads.

Mommy Group

"We help dads, moms, whoever needs help," said Fletcher. "It's not just for single moms, because there are single fathers out there, as well."

"If you need it, we try to drop it off to you," said Fletcher. "You can request things. We do raffles, giveaways and a whole lot of things to help moms in need."

"If you need it, we got it," said Cooper. "If not, we try to get it and give us a little time."

The group is proof it really does take a village.

"That's what we do what we can," said Fletcher. "We just do what we can."

Mommy Group