Wauwatosa protests continue for 2nd night after Mensah decision

Overall, it's been a much more assertive, no-tolerance policy from law enforcement on this second night of protests..

All this -- as a Milwaukee couple is warning the public on outside agitators.

"Say his name! Alvin Cole!"

Around 8 p.m. -- and on the second night of protests -- Wauwatosa police were quick take action. 

"They arresting me!"

Setting up a road block near 68th and North, even arresting protesters who were violating the city's curfew which began at 7 p.m.

After deploying tear gas and pepper balls on Wednesday night, police took a more assertive approach Thursday...

Away from the protest -- a Milwaukee couple shares a warning after an incident with outside agitators.

"Window rolls down, the man says I'm with the police. I said excuse me? He said I'm with the police, go inside, lock your door," Matthew Procknow said.

Matthew Procknow noticed five cars full of men with rifles and tactical gear outside his home Wednesday night. Procknow says they wouldn't provide identification.

The latter end of the interaction was caught on camera.

"He said he was gonna arrest me," Procknow said.

"This group was circling our area trying to cause trouble, waiting for trouble, or waiting to instigate something," he said.

Back in Wauwatosa, near Milwaukee and Underwood.

"You will be arrested if you don't vacate immediately. Go home!"

Our cameras were there as police told bystanders to head home as they were in violation of the curfew. Behind the riot shields — a handful of protesters all in handcuffs — were ushered into a police van.

Wauwatosa police tweeting they ultimately wanted voluntary compliance with the curfew but stepped in when that didn't happen.

The attorney for the Cole family confirmed Thursday night that the mother of Alvin Cole, Tracy Cole, was arrested. 

The People's Revolution said on Facebook Alvin Cole's mother Tracy, his two sisters Taleavia and Tristian were also arrested.

This is a developing story. 

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