Wauwatosa photographer joins nationwide effort to provide headshots for unemployed workers

WAUWATOSA -- 10,000 photographs. 200 photographers. One day.

That's the goal driving an ambitious, nationwide effort to help people who are negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

For photographer Paul Hanon, Wednesday, July 22 was a busy day. He's part of the small army of photographers helping people -- providing professional headshots for people now out of work.

Paul Hanon

"200 photographers across the nation, 50 at each location at least, maybe even more...One day, 10,000 headshots," Hanon said. "Just having a selfie of you on a jet ski, or out in the farmyard, doesn't really speak as well to a professional headshot in whatever line of business that you're in."

Among those caught in Hanon's camera lens on Wednesday was Adekola Adedapo, a self-declared entertainer. In need of work, she is aware of the influence a good photo can have.

"A good photo is always a plus for anybody in entertainment," Adedapo said. "I would love to get a good quality photo, and perhaps enough shots that somebody might see something that you're displaying and say, 'You know, we want her."

Adekola Adedapo

As the saying goes: a photo is worth a thousand words. But for Adedapo, she prefers to do her own talking -- or rather, singing.

For Hanon, it's because of great people that make the work so meaningful.

"To give away a photo that could change your life is amazing," said Hanon.

He and hundreds more are capturing a moment of someone at their best at a time when things may feel like they're at their worst. The 10,000 headshots is a staggering goal, but things certainly seem in focus.