Waukesha theft arrest; man tased, officers hurt at police station

A man was taken into custody outside the Waukesha Police Department Tuesday night, July 25 in connection with a retail theft. This, after the man went to the station to make a complaint about his neighbor. 

Neighbors captured a chaotic scene outside the Waukesha Police Department. 28-year-old Benjamin Froschmayer is accused of hurting two Waukesha police officers in an attempt to get away. Froschmayer is charged with battery to two police officers, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. 

"By striking them forcibly both of the in the face to the point where they both fell to the ground. That is extremely brazen conduct," said Abbey Nickolie, Waukesha County prosecutor.

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Police say this began Tuesday evening inside the department lobby. They say Froschmayer walked in to make a complaint about a neighbor. Officers say they recognized him as a retail theft suspect. Officers tried to arrest Froschmayer, but he broke free and ran out of the lobby.

"The batteries occur in front of the police department when both victims A and B again try to take the defendant into custody. He violently physically assaults both officers who were very much smaller than he was," Nickolie said. 

Struggle, arrest at Waukesha Police Department (Credit: @WaukeshaAlerts)

Prosecutors say Froschmayer elbowed one officer in the face and punched another officer before backup arrived. 

"The officers who ultimately could get him into handcuffs had to utilize their Tasers multiple times," Nickolie said. 

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Froschmayer's defense attorney requested a lower cash bail and a competency exam. 

The court commissioner sided with the state's request for a higher cash bail. 

Struggle, arrest at Waukesha Police Department (Credit: @WaukeshaAlerts)

"He doesn’t have a record but the violence here. They’re yelling at him to stop, and he is punching two law enforcement officers in the face with a fist and an elbow," said Court Commissioner Chris Bailey. 

Cash bail was set at $10,000. Several conditions were also put in place – including a no-contact order with the victims. 

Waukesha police declined to comment for this story.