Waukesha County: New ballots printed during spring primary, officials underestimated turnout

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Kathleen Novack, Waukesha County clerk, tells FOX6 News that new ballots had to be printed on spring primary election day Tuesday, February 16th, because officials underestimated voter turnout.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board had estimated voter turnout would be around 10%.

Novack says enough ballots were ordered to cover a 10-15% voter turnout. Novack said she believed the official voter turnout would surpass 20%.

Novack tells FOX6 News municipalities in Waukesha County needing additional ballots received them prior to the evening rush.

The statewide Wisconsin Supreme Court race and a school district item in Oconomowoc were on the ballot in Waukesha County. There were no other local or county contests.

We're told Novack wasn't aware of any polling location that completely ran out of ballots. Some polling places ran out of paper ballots, but "express" ballots were able to be used.

No one was unable to vote as a result of this issue.