Waukesha condo collapse threat, Horizon West raze order,120-day deadline

A big step has been taken regarding the future of Waukesha's troubled Horizon West condos, one that could soon trigger the wrecking ball.

The raze order we’ve been hearing about for months is now officially in effect.

FOX6 News reached out to a number of owners about what this means for them. They didn’t want to talk, but neighbors did. 

People living close by worry about what it will mean for them when the building comes down.

A sign on the door writes the latest, and perhaps, last chapter for Waukesha's Horizon West condos.

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"It sticks out," said Mark Alexander. "Right in the middle of the subdivision.  Doesn’t quite fit, either."

Neighbors like Alexander can see the building from their window. 

The raze order was issued by the city in January. Its posting on the door Monday, May 24 officially started a 120-day deadline to tear it down.

"They’ll probably have to get somebody who knows what they are doing to take it down piece by piece," said Alexander. 

In December, structural engineers said the building could collapse. Condo owners were evacuated with little notice.  

While the owners continue to pay mortgages and condo fees, their attorney says they could also face a $1.1 million bill to demolish it.

"They are all nice people and everything else," said Deanna Aldrich. "I sure hope they get some kickback for their places.  It’s not their fault that’s going on."

For five years, Aldrich has lived in the apartments behind the building. She worries about how this next step could impact her health before the dust settles.

"If there’s asbestos in there, anything that’s going to float around or come around, I have asthma, so it’s going to be difficult if there is," said Aldrich.

Waukesha’s city administrator told FOX6 it’s unlikely the building will be rubble on Day 121.

Condo owners have the right to appeal.

Meanwhile, the condo owner’s attorney says their $17 million lawsuit against the building’s insurer, Travelers, will head to federal court. 

Horizon West Condominium Homes in Waukesha

 People in the neighborhood said they’re keeping an eye out for the wrecking ball.

"One of the neighbors had actually just remodeled the outside of their house, so that will be an issue for them if it comes down on them," said Aldrich.

Travelers officials previously told FOX6 they won’t comment on pending litigation.

Waukesha’s city administrator said the Condo Association will still own the land when or if the building comes down.